In 1980 I gave one of my Rochester mugs to a juggler, Tim Batt and so I  began mugging inspirational people. The mugs are always a thank you, for services rendered or kind acts but they are mainly given to people whose passion and belief have touched my heart.



A conservative list of people mugged;

Tim Batt
Michael Eavis - V & A Museum & Worthy Farm
Emily Eavis - V & A Museum & Worthy Farm
Brian Briggs - Roundhouse
Bill Turnbull  - Staines Bookshop
Thom Yorke (insisted on paying us) - Greencrafts - Glastonbury Festival
Thea Gilmore - Cecil Sharp House
Nigel Stonier
Julian Cope - Free University - Glastonbury Festival
Ed O’Brien- Greencrafts - Glastonbury Festival
Liz Eliot -     Greencrafts - Glastonbury Festival
Nic Piper -   Greencrafts - Glastonbury Festival
Marie Piper - Greencrafts - Glastonbury Festival
Richard E Grant - Spirit of Christmas Olympia
Kate Bailey - V & A Museum
Colin Meloy - Brixton Acadamy
Jenny Conlee - Brixton Acadamy
Robert Plant - Wilderness Festival
Jeremy Corbyn - Glastonbury Festival
Tom Robinson
Pippa Evans


In a dramatic twist my fellow mugger, Simon Johns was robbed of his mug (actually Dizraeli's mug) by security guards at Narberth Queen's Hall, on 4th April. As in a scene from an action thriller, Simon reclaimed the stolen mug but unfortunately Dizraeli had left the building. I salute Simon for his bravery.

More muggings are in the pipeline.