I  trained as a studio potter in the 1970s at Medway College of Design. After many adventures and 8 years of teaching  adults I set up my present workshop in 2008 and have been teaching from my pottery since then.

In 2010 I presented my first range of porcelain tableware as A Drop of the Ocean.

I make the simplest of pots to be used daily. I enjoy improving my skills in order to produce and finish them well. I aim to make my pots a pleasure to hold and a delight to use.

Clay itself is an inspiration to me. Working with porcelain every day, I am continuously learning what effects I can achieve with it and this feeds into new designs. The British coast constantly inspires me whether I’m beachcombing and rockpooling or admiring the watery shine on rippled sand.

After four years of conservatism in my glazing - a beautiful clear glaze over black copper oxide, sometimes with bronzed rims where it suits the pots - I am finding my way to using colours, placing tests in every kiln. The first steps to enjoying those lush glazes that suit porcelain so well.